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Install CellProfilerAnalyst onto a debian / ubuntu workstation

I received an email yesterday from someone asking me for advice on how to install CellProfilerAnalyst (CPA) on a linux workstation. It’s a program that allows you to inspect, manipulate and analyze data from cell images. It accompanies CellProfiler, which is a great tool from the Carpenter lab at the Broad Institute. If you’re doing work that involves fluorescence imaging of cells in some aspect, I recommend taking a look.

I’ve been through this process a few times, and while it’s not a picnic, it’s much easier these days. In the past, installation involved horrendous things like compiling and tuning the ATLAS library (it’s an implementation of blas; takes days to do on a workstation). Today all the packages you need are available from some combination of your package manager and pip. Here are the steps I used to install CPA.

** Note: the original request was for an Amazon EC2 instance of ubuntu. Make sure that you choose to launch an instance with a contemporary offering of Ubuntu to get all the packages you’ll need. I used Debian 7.0 (Wheezy), but something like Ubuntu 14.04 or 12.04 should work. I suspect your sources.list file should have Universe / Multiverse repositories enabled, to get the packages you need. **

  1. Launch the instance, and perform apt-get update; apt-get upgrade to refresh your pre-installed packages.
  2. Install the following packages based on Option 2. The instructions are geared towards installing CellProfiler, but for running CPA you should still install the following: WxPython, Cython, Java development kit, MySQLdb, Numpy, Scipy, ZMQ, Matplotlib. The debian package names for these are: python-zmq, mysql-server, python-numpy, python-scipy, cython, python-wxgtk2.8, java-package, python-matplotlib. The ubuntu packages names should be either identical or very similar. You can use apt-get install to install all these. There will probably be other package dependencies that apt will install.

  3. An aside concerning the Java install: java-package is a meta package which will download the latest version of java from Oracle, compile it and create a .deb package (say, java_foo.deb) for your system to install. If apt does not install the package, you may install it with dpkg -i java_foo.deb.

    It is the only package you should have to install (the java-sun-* listed in the wiki are deprecated, ignore them). It’s easy to manage this way; the install instructions (step 8 of Option 2) are a bit messy, so I’d recommend beginning with installing just java-package, and installing the subsequent .deb produced. Then continue with the remaining steps in installing prerequisite packages for CPA. If it fails with some java related error, try making the suggested changes in configuration files or environment variables. Less is more when you’re adding to $PATH or $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, in my opinion.

  4. Use git to grab the latest version of CPA: git clone https://github.com/CellProfiler/CellProfiler-Analyst.git. If your instance doesn’t have git installed by default, apt-get install git. Then cd into the newly created CellProfiler-Analyst directory.
  5. Use pip to install the remaining required packages: pip install python-bioformats; pip install mock; pip install verlib. Installing python-bioformats should also install a python package called javabridge. If pip is not installed by default, apt-get install python-pip.
  6. python CellProfiler-Analyst.py should start CPA. It may instead begin to issue a bunch of text in the terminal about modules being cythonized. As long as you eventually see the CPA logo in a pop-up screen followed by a request to pick a properties file to open, you’ve installed successfully.