I took a topics course in Software Engineering, which had guest speakers from different parts of industry.  The last two speakers polled the class to find out how many of us kept a blog or other online presence (turns out about 2/3rds).  They were shocked (shocked!) to find not everyone in the class (myself included) was representing their work online.  I started this blog shortly after.  I’ll try to keep this simple.

I’m a PhD student in computer science at University of Toronto.  This blog is about my research: I’ll summarize papers I want to better understand, post updates on projects & work I’m doing, and so on.  I work in computational biology, my background is in computer science, with a focus on machine learning.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Fábio Dittrich

    I’m a fellow PhD student and I came across your blog searching how to save a SVM model in matlab using libsvm. I’ve used your code and made some changes to it so it’d work with libsvm3.17. I’d post my solution but the comments were closed.
    Keep up the good job!

  2. Lee Post author

    Hi Fabio,

    Thanks! I’m no longer using libsvm to save models, but I’m glad that you were able to use my code. If you made a blog post of your own describing it, feel free to link to my blog’s relevant entry.

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