iTunes U

Recently, I came across a blog by bio-statisticians from out West. One of the latest posts is about course material uploaded to iTunesU. What is iTunesU? From Apple: “If you’re an educator at a university, college, or K-12 school, now you have an easy way to design and distribute complete courses featuring audio, video, books, and other content. And students and lifelong learners can experience your courses for free through a powerful new app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.” An app which integrates different media together in one easy to use package for learning online? My first thought was “Wow, I remember Greg Wilson blogging about formats mixed with user stories that sounds vaguely like this.”

My next thought was “Wow, I can’t believe all this content is locked into buying an expensive Apple product. The EULAs must be dreadful.” And indeed someone else has already explored this and much more.