Fantastic talk

I was lucky enough to hear Hanchuan Peng give a talk today at the CSB department. The 3D neuronal imaging techniques and software he spoke about were just so, so impressive. There were literally gasps in the audience when he performed a real-time 3D segmentation of a neuronal cell, and was able to manipulate it (rotate, space crop, enhance) so quickly and easily. It’s always refreshing to see such an expert give a talk. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and you cannot help but be inspired.

While the software he has developed ( – V3D) is a 3D imaging toolkit, I’d like to explore if any of the segmentation techniques they have implemented could be ported to CellProfiler for our purposes.

He mentioned that he had just come from a Bioimage Informatics () meeting that he has organized, and that next year it will be co-organized with the Max Plank institute. I’d recommend anyone working on biological image analysis in a high throughput mode to check this out. I only wish I had learned about it earlier!