Another quick update

No update last week for Canada day, though it does not mean that a more substantial update for today. Rather, there has been continual pressure to analyze data for different aspects of the morphology project, as well as the lipid droplet project.

For the morphology project, I’m analyzing some follow up screens that will help us characterize the hits we found in our primary assays. For the lipid droplet project, I need to finalize a framework for analyzing both the presence and density of lipid droplets in cells treated under a series of genetic perturbations. Also, I need to come up with a suitable method of filtering out ghost objects from the confirmation data. My first attempt will be some basic filters based on intensity

I’m also getting slightly worried that my committee meeting is fast approaching, and yet I can’t seem to make the time to read the ever growing stack of papers I need to digest and summarize. Hopefully my committee will be understanding.