How I would dearly love to attend this workshop

From the outline posted at the link above (hat tip to Greg Wilson). I’ve attempted to rescue formatting from the clutches of wordpress:


Date and Location: September 11—16, 2011. St Andrews, UK.

Preliminary Program

  • Day 0 (Sun Sept 11) — Best Programming Practices
    • Agile development and Extreme Programming
    • Advanced Python: decorators, generators, context managers
    • Version control with git
  • Day 1 (Mon Sept 12) — Software Carpentry
    • Object-oriented programming and design patterns
    • Test-driven development, unit testing and quality assurance
    • Debugging, profiling and benchmarking techniques
    • Programming in teams
  • Day 2 (Tue Sept 13) — Scientific Tools for Python
    • Advanced NumPy
    • The Quest for Speed (intro): Interfacing to C with Cython
    • Best practices in data visualization
  • Day 3 (Wed Sept 14) — The Quest for Speed
    • Writing parallel applications in Python
    • Programming project
  • Day 4 (Thu Sept 15) — Efficient Memory Management
    • When parallelization does not help: the starving CPUs problem
    • Data serialization: from pickle to databases
    • Programming project
  • Day 5 (Fri Sept 16) — Practical Software Development
    • Programming project
    • The Pac-Man Tournament

Every evening we will have the tutors’ consultation hour: Tutors will answer your questions and give suggestions for your own projects.