Run Linux? Use R? Get StatET.

I’m a pretty frequent user of R.  Along with Matlab and python, it’s what I use to do the vast majority of my day to day work.  But there’s a little problem: no decent IDE for us poor Linux users.  OSX users have a fantastic cocoa based interface that’s bundled with R.  I expect Windows users have some nice interface also.  But for a long time, the only GUIs available to linux users was Rcmdr and Rpmg.  Recently I’ve stumbled upon SciViews-R, but it seems a bit early on in its development.

So it was delightful to hear about an R perspective plugin for Eclipse called StatET.  It’s got just about everything I need: R console integration, help integration, R documentation generation (through Roxygen), and all the other nice editing functions you might expect from Eclipse (e.g syntax checking, indentation fixes, fast code navigation, outline showing function-, class- and other definitions, tool tip variable inspection, and more).

I’ve been using it for around ten days.  It installs quickly and easily through Eclipse software updates.  What are you waiting for?