Impressions of CSHL two months on

It’s been just about two months since the High Throughput Imaging conference at Cold Spring Harbour.  Having only been to a handful of larger conferences, I don’t have much of a cohort to compare with this experience.  But like a good Christmas pudding, I can honestly say that it was extremely rich and dense. The 9 to 6 format ensures that those attending are always busy, always learning or always connecting with each other.  It’s a small isolated campus, and quite beautiful to boot.  I’d definitely attend another conference there .

As someone whose primary training is in computing and statistics, I wasn’t able to absorb everything that was presented (the finer points of root biology and worm cell lineages remain confusing),  but such a focused conference meant that each talk was at least somewhat instructive, and some talks were real treats.  For myself, I really enjoyed Anne Carpenter’s talk about the work of her group at the Broad institute.  Eugene Myers talk made me want to somehow arrange to move to Janelia Farms and insinuate myself in any one of the three fascinating projects he presented.  Arvind Rao’s illuminating talk, one of the more model oriented talks, makes me want to find and read his papers.  Same goes for the posters presented by people from EMBL Heidelberg.

As for our own work, Erin’s talk was very well received.  Many of those attending mentioned to me that her talk was their favourite of the session.